Nursing-Respiratory dysfunction

Topic: Nursing-Respiratory dysfunction

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,Respiratory dysfunction is a known clinicalantecedentof adverse events such as cardiac arrest, need for medical emergency team activation and unplanned intensive care unit admission and mortality. The way in which nurses assess, interpret, use and document clinical indicators of respiratory dysfunction is influential in identifiing patients at risk of clinical deterioration and adverse events, as well as preventing adverse events related to respiratory dysfunction. To prevent adverse events, nurses must recognise and interpret signS Of respiratory dysfunction and initiate interventions to correct respiratory dysfu nction” (Consid i n e, 2004, p. 6241.
With reference to literature, critically discuss the importance of accurate respiratory rate measurement and sensitivity of tachypnoea as a predictor of clinical deterioration. primary sources from 1980 onwards are acceptable for this question. Full referencing is mandatory for this question.
Reference: Considine, J. (2005). The role of nurses in preventing adverse events related to.respiratory dysfunction: literature review. lournal of Advanced Nursing,4916l,624-633 10p. doi:10 .LL1Ui.t365-2648.2004.03337.x
.(20 marks)

2 Choose four elements of your personal culture to represent in your mind map. These could relate to things like rituals, objects, activities, beliefs, places and people and etc. that you have identified as being important to you or have influenced the person you are today.
• Draw a mind map that includes these four elements and shows how your knowledge, experience and behaviour have all contributed to each of the four elements that make up your personal culture.
• Be sure to clearly differentiate between knowledge, experience and behaviour. Hint: you can often do this by using past tense for experience, and present tense for behaviour. See example below.
• Provide a ‘key’ for the three different aspects (knowledge, experience and behaviour) by clear colour coding or particular shapes.
• Don’t put too much sentences only key words that clearly describe each element with the 3 aspects, as much as possible should be connected with each other and should define and explain the impact to yourself as who you are today.

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