Patient Self Determination

Read the case below on Dax Cowart which will be the topic of the Ethical Issue Paper. You will identify both sides of the issue and then analyze the case using ethical theory and principle to support your comments.See the guidelines and grading rubric for details on the assignment. Once completed, the paper will be submitted in the Assignment Submission Area to the link labeled Ethical Issues Paper. Once submitted, the paper will go directly to Turnitin which is a plagiarism tool. Once you have received your similarity report and made any required edits to ensure the similarity percent is below 24%, submit the final paper to the link under the Assignment Submission area labeled Final Paper Submission for grading.

Ethical Issue Paper Grading Rubric

Ethical Issue Paper







Assignment-Related Criterion

Introduce the ethical issue

·  Clearly states the purpose for the paper in first or second paragraph (APA 2.05)

·  Fully describes background of the case.

·  Clearly identifies the two opposing views.


Analyze the ethical issue

·  Clearly explains the ethical implications and effects of this issue, without bias, on healthcare today.

·  Identifies, compares and contrasts opposing views with supporting references-based on facts and not personal opinion.

·  Applies ethical theory and principle to support both sides of the issue.

·  Identifies interdisciplinary team members and all stakeholders.



·  Briefly discuss a possible resolution. What can/should be done to resolve the issue? This can be just a few paragraphs on a possible resolution.



·  Recaps main ideas

·  Reflects on how the discussion within the paper has changed own prior beliefs on the topic.

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