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‘MMI’ -Transformation to a selfless me
I am the only daughter in my family. My dad passed away when I was very young. As a spoilt and pampered child in the house, I always think of what I want, and what I think. It is always Me, Myself and I (“MMI”). In my project, I would like to propose for a change in this undesired thought which ultimately affects my undesired behaviour. This selfish thought of mine has made me a very selfish person.
There are a few instances where my friends fell out with me due to my selfishness.I need to change my selfish behaviour, in this world, it should not be just MMI, and there are more than just this. Often, I am too impulsive, and it seems that my brain is taking full control of my behaviour and action too fast. I want to change this selfish behaviour before I losses more friends and my love ones. I know they are putting up with me for too long. I need to change my mind-set first and convinced myself that the MMI thoughts do not work in this world. It leads to a lot of unhappy people around me. Why do I have such a mind-set in the first place? I kept thinking that why my mother and my brother couldn’t give me more love? My mother has a mild stroke and all I think was, why should couldn’t communicate with me more often? If I can think the other way round, then my expectation of her will change. In my proposal, I will state that I wanted to change my selfish thoughts and behaviour. I will include the reasons why I need to change and what is the cause of my selfish behaviours and thoughts.

I will write a journal on a fortnight basis about myself and list down all the selfish and selfless behaviours that I have done. Initially, I believe that I will have more selfish behaviours then the latter one, but I hope that it will be slowly reduced.
After 3 weeks of this exercise, I should have an evaluation of myself for the behaviour change exercise. I will need a group of 10 people to

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