Recent NY Protests 

Recent NY Protests

in Washington DC

the questions you should ask the protester:
What is the protest about?
What outcome is sought?
Who are the demands being made of?
Will you continue if you lose?
Do you think your voice will be heard?
How did you hear about the protest?
Why are you attending the protest? (In other words, personal motivation for attending)
What strategies besides protesting, if any, are you using to advocate for this cause?
Why should others be concerned about the issue that you are protesting?
Is this your first protest?
What is your age, race, educational level, etc.? Demographic questions where appropriate

Here are the questions you need to include answers to place the protest in a larger context:

Do some research and provide a brief summary to address the larger context of what the protestor said the protest they were at attendance was about

How does protesting relate to civic engagement?

What role can/does protesting play in creating change?

Why do people protest? What are some of the goals of protesting?

What is the role of protest in a democracy?

Here are some references to draw from in answering the questions above in addition to readings from the class. You must include at least 3 references.