The development of an effective health information system

I need each question answered in a clear and organized paragraph no more than 200 words for each question.
Q1. Since most developers are not clinicians, and most clinicians are not developers, what measures are necessary to ensure the development of an effective health information system?

Q2. Why is the continuous improvement of clinical information systems a high priority to healthcare organizations?

Q3. Do the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the risks? Order the highly ranked outsourced services from riskiest to least risky and explain your rationale for the decision.

Q4. What would be the functions of the roles of the individuals in the steering committee, such as medical, nursing, financial management, human resources management, facilities management, clinical support services staff? Why is it important to have all these areas represented on the steering committee?

Q5. What is the importance of data warehouses/clinical data repositories?

Q6. Discuss the impacts of a breach to healthcare information systems, especially the financial and privacy impacts.

Q7. Discuss the differences between HIPAA and the Privacy Act of 1974.

Q8. What concepts are important to information security policies and procedures? What effect does HIPAA have on healthcare organizations’ policies and procedures? Are there any other laws that may affect them?

Q9. Identify how the use of a patient ID bracelet containing a bar-code representation of the patient’s ID and a bar-code scanner has led to improved quality of care in a hospital.

Q10. Name and describe principal physical network topologies.

Q11. What are the benefits of using a thin client for Internet connection?

Q12. Describe IM/IT service delivery processes and how they are interrelated.

Q13. What are the primary uses of an individual’s personal health record?

Q14. How are transaction processing systems employed in financial information systems?

Q15. What are the typical elements of a medical practice management system?

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