The walking dead

The walking dead

See  attached. I want  you use the first topic thesis : the walking dead is literatureliterature. I need it 12 hours. Just use simple single English. I don’t need nehighnehigh vocabulary words.

Choose a topic that you can categorize rationally. Don’t get distracted by quality (good, bad, the best, etc.) or ethics and morality. If you feel yourself pulled in that direction, you will likely go off topic and hurt your grade. “Abortion is murder” is an inherently flawed argument because it is attempting to not just define a term but, instead, to ethically judge a behavior. That is the wrong argumentative form for this paper. Stay on topic to get a passing grade. Your goal is to clarify a long-term confusion, not to present your political views.

Choose a topic that answers a question your audience is curious about. For example, “Are the Hunger Games novels literature?” or ”Are school uniforms a violation of student rights to free speech?” A one-sentence answer to your categorical question will provide you with a working thesis statement, which you will expand upon in the body of your paper. For example: “School uniforms are a violation of student rights to free speech because (all violations of student rights to free speech) deprive students of symbolic speech as defined by the Supreme Court.

Finally, choose a topic that is of immediate importance to you, USI, Evansville, or your hometown. You can use your introduction to set up this importance.

All essays should be typed (doubled-spaced, with 12-point font and 1” margins) and a minimum of 1000 words (exclusive of header, footer, and works cited page) is required. Use at least one well-researched source other than your own experience and brain cells, and be sure to properly document it or the resultant grade will be a zero. Use this source to prove the subject’s fit into the category (X=A, for example), not to define your category. In other words, don’t use a source to define “art.” Use a source to quote a discussion of Charlie White’s Joshua series.

Note: At no point in your paper should you use the words or phrasings of a dictionary or similar elementary research tool (encyclopedias, Wikipedia, etc.)