1. Minor assignment: Letter of Referral (15%)

Write a letter of referral to a district nursing service, vascular surgeon or dietician for further advice, assessment or management of Jack Jones (case study patient from the tutorial activities 3a and 3b). Some information will be provided to you through the tutorials and some may require your educated decision/guess and imagination, in order to provide a comprehensive assessment to forward as a referral.

Information will be released to you online in the tutorials 3a and 3b which will assist in completing this task.

Your letter of referral should include the following:

  • patient history;
  • assessment completed;
  • wound assessment;
  • investigation reports;

Postgraduate Studies in Wound Care

– 12 –

  • current and past treatment (this information is not provided in the tutorial, therefore be brief in your choice and outline of current and past wound care treatment (e.g. dressings) for Mr. Jones);
  • preliminary diagnosis with justification;
  • reason for the referral (e.g. assessment, diagnosis, implement treatment, continue management, complete an investigation or procedure);
  • your continuing involvement (if any); and
  • other relevant parties involved (i.e. GP, GP practice nurse, podiatrist, etc.).

Be clear about what you are seeking for the health professional to provide. Your letter should be professional and comprehensive, succinct but still cover the required information above.

Please note that this is still an academic piece of work and requires the correct spacing and cover page. Acknowledgement of references throughout the letter is not required, nor is a reference list.

(Word limit: 1200 words)

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