Wired for war

I have to write an Essay on “Wired for war: the robotics revolution and conflict in the 21st century” by P.W. Singer

The requirements are:

1. Major questions or issues posed by the author: these may be explicitly stated by the author or implicit in the text. Relate to themes developed in the course.

2. How does the author resolve those questions? Systematically explore the principle arguments, propositions and themes developed in the book. Examples are encouraged. This should be roughly one half the essay.3. How does the book relate to major course themes? Contrast the similarity or differences between author’s ideas and those of several assigned course authors. How do book themes and conclusions compare to explanations of innovation and adaptation examined in the course? This should be roughly one half the essay.

4. Evaluate the book: What does the book and your reading of it, through the lens of assigned readings, reveal about some of aspect of the technology and violence?

Essays will be marked for though use of the book, course readings, detailed explanation, careful comparison and analysis of underlying concepts.Analyses should be a minimum of three types pages each, single spaced, with title, intro, and conclusion. Papers receiving high grades tend to be longer. Use of concepts, examples and brief quotations from class readings is an essential part of the analysis. Quotations must be formally cited with MLA format, “Alexander had struck at a propitious moment (Keegan, p.262)” with bibliography. Do not use an electronic reader that excludes normal page numbers.