Full faith and credit

What does the term “full faith and credit…” mean.  Where is it in the Constitution?

Please answer the following questions on the Constitution of the United States and Federalism.   Do not use the internet for this assignment.

1. List and explain one privilege or special responsibility of each house of the Congress.

2. Article 1 Section 8 lists the duties of the Congress.  List three duties and explain its current function.

3. What are the war powers of the President?   Exactly where are they found in the Constitution?  Can the President declare war?  Where is this found in the Constitution?

4. Exactly what are the educational requirements for members of the Supreme Court as listed in the Constitution?  Where are they located in the Constitution?

5. The word “religion” and the word “religious” are used in the Constitution.  Where are these words found and in what context?

6. Who is responsible for the passing of the Federal Budget?  Where in the Constitution is it found?

7. What is the primary issue in the Fourth amendment?

8. List and explain the reasons a federal appointee can lose his job as noted in the Constitution.

9. Can religion be a factor for any federal or state position?   Cite your sources in the Constitution.

10. Does the Constitution allow for federal debt?  If so, where?

11. What is the purpose of Federalism?

12. What is the separation of powers?  How is it used?  Are they defined in the Constitution?

13. What is the 10th Amendment’s purpose?  What rights are expressed in this amendment if any?

14. Explain the “Supremacy Clause” in the Constitution citing its location.

15. Where are the definitions of citizenship found in the Constitution?

16. Where is the requirement for income taxes?  Do you have to pay them and why?

17. Why do revenue bills come from the House of Representatives?

18. May states conduct foreign relations with other countries?  Where is this covered in the Constitution?

19. Can the Supreme Court hear and decide cases involving Admiralty cases?  If so, where is this in the Constitution?

20. What does the term “full faith and credit…” mean.  Where is it in the Constitution?