am applying for first focus course to return to study education and gain confidence in studying

Personal statement

I am applying for first focus course to return to study education and gain confidence in studying. First class course will help me develop my knowledge and skills, help me build my English and mathematics skills. The course will further help me improve my study skills. Among the benefits that I will get form the course is the enhancement of my learning skills.

I have a passion in nursing. I also intend, through the course, to improve my Mathematics and English to GCSE Level. I have realized that nursing as a profession is complex and needs some building blocks towards its achievement and thus the usefulness of the first focus course. I hope that experience gained from the course will be beneficial not only to my career but also in strengthening my academic life in general.

I am currently doing a level 2 and level 3 courses in literacy and numeracy for four weeks intended to improve my knowledge. Following that the world is the dynamic nature, I have had a passion to move with the world in most fields. In as much as the world is moving remarkably fast, I believe a little bit of running employed will undoubtedly help me realize my long term dreams of becoming a nurse. The fact that I am laying down the foundation for my career goals is a clear indication that I have a graving passion for nursing.

I have done several voluntary work in the retail sector in charity store with Age UK And Barnodos limited in the past. This has enabled me gain learn new skills and gain experience in collaborating and working with people. This has also enabled me to be independent and key skills in providing excellent customer services both through the phone and face to face. I have thus learnt how to work in a team by helping others with their duties.

I have also gained experience in child education and care where I took care of children between 3-5 years in helping them improve their spellings and gain self confidence. My duties were helping them with painting and numeracy and English and looking after them in the playground. I have thus gained experience in handling children and better communication skills with both parents and staff.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and caring for my grandmother. I enjoy listening to music and learning new skills. I also enjoy doing voluntary work.

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