Amec Plc Company Overview

Amec Plc Company Overview



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Company Overview

AMEC is an international project management, engineering, and consultancy company offering specialized services to many industries including oil and gas, minerals, metals, nuclear, water, clean energy, environment, and infrastructure industries. It has her headquarters in London, the United Kingdom with her operations span across 40 countries. It serves both the industrial or commercial sectors as well as the government and it operates through four business divisions including Natural Resources, Power and Process , Environment and Infrastructure, and Investments and Other Activities (non-core). Moreover, AMEC offers the following services consulting, engineering, construction management, project management, operations, and maintenance, other specialist services, sustainability, new build, decommissioning, and supply chain management. The company is committed to expanding her operations through organically and by acquisitions and in terms of strategy it expanded her future growth opportunities by creating a joint venture with Samsung and a collaboration agreement with Aibel.

John Wood Group Company is one of the main competitors of Amec because it provides similar services as Amec. They serve same clients who may decide to switch from one company to the other since services offered are identical and can serve as substitute for each other. The two companies’ financial ratios and performances are almost similar and fall in the same industry. Since 2010, John Wood Company has been experiencing higher gross profit margin compared to Amec and it is evident that John Wood’s profitability has been increasing while Amec’s declining for the last three years. The capacity and level of sales for both the companies are also almost similar.

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