Conflict Theory

Conflict Theory

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There are various theories that provide the foundation for work in the human services professions.

  • Behaviorism and Social Learning Theory: Individuals learn responses in reaction to stimuli. Responses can change in response to reinforcements. Well known proponents: Pavlov, Skinner
  • Systems Theory: People are part of families and communities. Understanding and helping them involves changing their environment. Well known proponent: Satir.
  • Psychodynamic Theory: Inner urges and the unconscious motivate our behavior. Well known proponent: Freud.
  • Conflict Theory: The problems clients present are a result of oppression and discrimination in societies. Well known proponent: Marx
  • Transpersonal Theory: Spiritual and religious interventions might provide the solution to a client’s problems. Well known proponents: Maslow, Jung.

Review the following PowerPoint presentation titled Overview of Theories.

Prepare to engage in discussion concerning the following points.

  • Describe some major points of difference between the theories.
  • How might a human services worker deal with a client differently based on his/her theoretical framework?

Do any of the theories represent thoughts that align with a biblical world view? Why? Why not?