Evolution of contemporary psychology was laid down in 17th Century

Describe contemporary psychology’s various levels of analysis and explain the significance of the discipline’s seven (7!) different perspectives.


Evolution of contemporary psychology was laid down in 17th Century, but the usage of scientific methods of understanding human minds a empirical and relatively the logical study was begin in England during 19th century which laid important contributions physiology in understanding human psychology which was properly diagnosed with research techniques. With this evolution several branches of psychology also segregated from each other to have proper understanding of human mind.

Reliability and validity the two approaches in psychological testing, with reliability it can be predicted from state of mind what a person would going to do. With validity measurement it can be done whether what has been done is correct or not. Self-report and behavior are measure how well the individual or human is interactive in social presence. self-report measures of co presence, likability, status, or interest did not reveal any differences between embodied tutors and strangers and Behavior whether verbal or non-verbal, though non verbal behavior is considered most sensitive of all and behavior measures used to detect the response.

Different perspective of psychology is biological, behavioral, cognitive, cross-cultural, evolutionary, humanistic and psychodynamic. With this it has been analyzed to understand the psychology these behaviors can be approached by researchers. With these perspectives only the treatment of the behavioral problem can be analyzed sincerely with new and approachable methods. The traditional methods are of not much in use today because of their conservative approach in practice thus these perspectives are very much useful.

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