How to Break up With Someone via a Text

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How to Break up With Someone via a Text

It is not easy to start a text message to someone you intend to end things with. It would help if you struck a balance between being not too regular in the text and not starting with “we are breaking up” CITATION THO18 l 1033 (THOLMER). Lead in gently into the conversation but with the end game in mind. It could be letting them know that you had a great time over the last few months that you have dated them, but you cannot be together anymore. Being direct and straight to the point will help you downplay any conversation.

Remember, it is a breakup, so if you are angry or upset, for a valid reason, you do not need to be kind. Then go ahead by giving a reason for the breakup. The reason should rely on honesty. Regardless of what happened between you two, an explanation will provide some closure. The details of the reason being stated will depend on how comfortable you are in sharing. In a situation where you are angry because you found out they were cheating on you, you should not do much explanation CITATION THO18 l 1033 (THOLMER). The more direct and honest you are, the better because chances are your partner will not let you go easily, but it will be easy for both of you to move on.

Again, putting an end to any further contact. It is natural to want to provide some soft blow to the situation instead of offering up empty promises like, “let’s still be friends,” be truthful about the reality of the breakup CITATION THO18 l 1033 (THOLMER). All breakups are different, so text breakups will be different too. For those positive, draining, and everything in between kind of relationships, there are a few texts that will work regardless CITATION THO18 l 1033 (THOLMER).

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