Letter of Application for Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Topic: Letter of Application for Occupational Therapy Assistant Program

Order Description
The letter should be in correct business format and addressed to:
Arkansas State University
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Program Director, OTA Application
Occupational Therapy Department
PO Box 910
State University, AR 72467

The letter of application should include the following information:
1. Describe your reasons for selecting occupational therapy as a profession.
–**For this I might include how I have worked at a pre-school for 6 years with children ages 6 months to 5 years. I have several hours of trainings for child development along with obtaining a Child Development Associates.I am very..familiar with developmental stages of children I work very good with children, I am patient, caring, compassionate, sociable, easy to talk to. etc..
2. Describe your personal traits, attributes, and strengths that will make you a successful occupational therapy assistant student.
—**I love helping children with developmental delays or just making a difference in all children’s life’s. Work well with children, very patient and kind. Being so familiar with developmental stages makes me a good candidate for this program because I find it easy to come up with activities that will improve the weaknesses that the child is having while also making the activity fun and giving the feeling of desire to want to do these projects to assist the child for the betterment of his or her future.
3. Describe any life or work experiences that have (1) helped you decide to be an occupational therapy assistant; (2) helped you to develop skills that you can use to be a successful occupational therapy assistant; and (3) helped you to be a dedicated occupational therapy assistant.
–**(1) Maybe here it could be discussed that I observed an occupational therapist assistant and really enjoyed the experience and also did a few activities with these children that had developmental delays and saw that it would be a great opportunity for me to be able to not only express the skills and knowledge I have with children but do something I love every day and have an impact on the entire outlook of children.
(2) —**Skills that have helped me would be working at the preschool for so long, getting my child dev. associates, making lesson plans, planning activities with large groups of children and small groups, I also have several hours of college courses that are for specifically teaching and early childhood that I did very well in.
(3) When I have observed the OTA and did so many interesting activities that engaged the children while helping them in several ways and I do this type of planning and process with my class daily when I am the teacher assistant. I am a very dedicated worker when it comes to children and always wanting to further any way that I can expand the ways they can develop in the most hands on ways because I myself am an auditory, visual learner also. I love to do transitions with my class, this is one thing that teachers struggle with. When the class gets crazy, they don’t know how to get it back, but I do this with no problem.
4. Why is A-State your school of choice?
–**Maybe discuss how the location is great for me, it is not far from where I live, or how Arkansas State University is a great school with credible professionals and while attending the technical branch of ASU ( ASU – Newport)..I received a lot of care by the admissions office and my advisors which was nice because normally with so many students other students can tend to get overlooked, but I never had a problem with this.

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